Designers, "Extraordinary" minds, innovators determined to bring ideas to any form of reality.

Eraxtyle Design, Ofiso Solutions, the journey .

"I guess the best part of this, is to connect with so many businesses and have a passion to help one another.

Thank you for supporting Eraxtyle Design during 20 years!! We will continue to provide excellence and the extra mile experience to all our clients and new clients under the new platform:

Ofiso Solutions, a one stop business solution.

We are dedicated team of designers, developers, strategists, business consultants with one common goal: "Provide an Extraordinary Service."

Back in the days, (2003) Eraxtyle was born as a mean to help business who struggle with advertising materials costs. We will continue this journey as we transition to Ofiso Solutions Platform.

As a team we go as far as our mind goes. We design by choice, inspired by creativity. We also like to question everything, we learn more that way and you will be surprised what we can create.

We believe that good design is for everyone and design demands observation.

We are as much interested in the smallest details as the whole design, we can work with any budget. We can direct you in the right direction even if it is something away from our craft.

We are involved in our business community and we have the resources you might need for your business, we just want to help you find the solutions you need, we also believe in the power of networking, connections can make your job easier and extend the reach of your services to new lands.

We are continuing expanding our services to give you the best solutions for your business.